Frequently Asked Questions

Using GlyxGo

Take GlyxGo every morning with a hearty breakfast. If you forget to take GlyxGo with breakfast, feel free to take it after the next meal.

Perhaps. Depending on your individual situation, taking more than the recommended daily amount may help you reach your blood sugar goals. Of course, you should first consult your physician.

One of the most important times to test your blood sugar level comes 30-45 minutes after you eat. This 30 to 45 minute “window” is when your body is digesting many of the carbohydrates and sugars from the foods you’ve eaten. Testing your blood sugar during this time will often show a significant “spike”–or higher elevation–than other time points such as two hours after meal.

Yes. Taking GlyxGo before a carbohydrate treat will help reduce the blood sugar elevation after.

Yes. The ingredients in GlyxGo promote normal blood sugar levels, helping you feel less hungry and more energetic.

No. We suggest eating three smaller meals, along with healthy snacks between those meals.

Yes. The nutritional support from GlyxGo diminishes if you take less than the recommended daily amount, because the ingredients cannot be stored by your body. And unlike a drug, a natural supplement requires time to do its work: GlyxGo will immediately begin helping manage your blood sugar levels, but allow your intestines, liver, and cells the time to put this increased support to full use.

Physicians typically recommend moderating what you eat and moving your body more, and GlyxGo can help you stick with your diet and exercise program.

GlyxGo can be used by people who are overweight and concerned about their blood sugar.

Yes. GlyxGo can also help people who are overweight or who feel they could have blood sugar issues in the future (based on their current health or their family history). And GlyxGo can help reduce post-meal blood sugar fluctuations due to other health conditions.

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